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Fully Automate Your Electronic Communications to Insurance Carriers – The Third Secret to Easy, Online Open Enrollment

HR professionals deal with piles of paperwork and spreadsheets during open enrollment. These manual enrollment methods are subject to data entry, handwriting, and transcription errors, and these errors translate to bad data being sent to insurance carriers.

With section 2712 of the Affordable Care Act prohibiting group and individual health plans and insurers from rescinding coverage retroactively (except under certain very specific conditions) it’s more important than ever to make sure that the data you send your carriers is completely accurate.


There’s a faster, easier, more accurate way!

If you’re thinking about automating enrollment, here is the third secret to making this process a success.


Secret #3: Send Enrollment Data Electronically
By securely automating the flow of data from Ascentis HR software to your insurance carriers, Ascentis Carrier Connect eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and takes the stress out of communicating employee elections in time for the new plan year. The data transmitted to your insurance carriers is accurate and timely.

Even better, pairing Carrier Connect with Ascentis Employee Self-Service can add flexibility to your open enrollment period, providing your employees easy access to benefits information and the ability to make their benefit selections from anywhere they have an internet connection. By allowing employees to enroll online you ensure a truly paperless process and a seamless and accurate enrollment process for your entire team.

Fully automated benefits management system enables CALIBRE to accomplish more tasks with fewer resources

Watch this 4-minute demo and see how easy it is to give your employees control over enrollment, while saving you time and resources!

P.S. If you missed reading about secret #1 about having a green and paperless process and secret #2 about smart and efficient web-based communication strategies, it’s not too late.Learn more about Ascentis products and services and how we can automate and streamline your open enrollment at

Make your Recruitment Efforts More Successful by Integrating Social Media

Social media recruiting is an increasingly important trend for recruiters
Social media is not only a tool for branding and customer communication but is also an excellent tool for acquiring new talent. If your business is like many others, it has dipped its toes into the social media recruiting arena by posting a few job ads and looking at recruits’ social profiles for insight on who they are and what they do. Yet most recruiting and applicant tracking systems are typically not social media-compatible. This means that all too often great candidates slip through the cracks before they cross the line from social media to face-to-face meetings.

Applicant tracking tools for social networking
Ascentis offers the technology needed by today’s recruiters to post job openings across a multitude of social channels, search engines, and job board aggregators. Our solution allows HR professionals and recruiters to boost the signal on open positions, cultivate stronger candidate pools, and both simplify and amplify employee referral programs.

With Ascentis Recruiting you will:

  • Get in front of over 100 million web visitors via search engines and job board aggregators
  • Establish a social employment brand
  • Obtain maximum job visibility
  • Engage and connect with candidates
  • Create buzz about jobs
  • Deepen your talent pool
  • Keep candidates informed about your job openings


Learn more about Ascentis Recruiting!

The Second Secret to Easy, Online, Open Enrollment


For many companies open enrollment begins when thick packets of printed benefits information and multiple enrollment forms are distributed to employees. At many organizations, the packet contents are explained during multiple group presentations and individual questions are addressed in person or by e-mail. Because there is no centralized resource for information, similar questions are often answered multiple times by HR.


Although this education phase of open enrollment takes an enormous amount of HR’s time, it is common for confusion to persist when it is time for employees to choose their benefit plans and complete the paperwork. As a result, incomplete forms are often returned to HR, or worse, required forms are not returned at all.


Your employees dread this open enrollment process just as much as you do. If you’re thinking about automating enrollment, here is the second secret to making this process a success.


Secret #2:
Use Smart and Efficient Web-Based Communication Strategies

With Ascentis’ paperless open enrollment you can publish benefits content to the Web or company intranet rather than distributing a thick packet of information and forms and holding multiple meetings. Ascentis Self-Service gives your company a centralized database of benefits information which  is a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use resource for employees needing answers.


Your employees can come back to this portal throughout the year to get benefits related questions answered, view plan info, see how their benefits choices impact their take-home pay, and more. Taking your open enrollment online has benefits that start at open enrollment and last year-round.


Want to know more?

Watch this 4-minute demo and see how easy it is to give your employees control over enrollment, while saving you time and resources!