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Are You In Compliance with Hours Counting and FTE Eligibility Requirements of the PPACA?


The Act of 2010 (variably known as “PPACA,” “ACA” or “Obamacare”) requires every employer with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees to either provide health insurance to every qualifying employee, or pay a penalty.


Determining whether employees qualify as full-time (FTE) for purposes of the ACA is complex, at best. While the actual requirement to provide insurance to full time employees (or pay specified penalties) doesn’t take effect for most employers until 2014, the record-keeping period, both for determining large employer status and for determining coverage eligibility by employee, runs throughout 2013.


Recent clarifications in the interim final regulations are enlightening, and will have many employers re-thinking their current administrative capabilities, both in their HRIS and payroll record-keeping, as well as in the processes that underpin them.


To make this information easier for you to digest, Ascentis is offering you an easy way to learn about these PPACA requirements, all while earning recertification credit hours. Watch our free and accredited on-demand Health Care Reform Master Class Series and download the accompanying bulletin. In addition, you can also download our infographic guide that will help you determine how employers with an HRIS and payroll solution can use technology to comply with these requirements.



Ascentis solutions support these, as well as and many other, PPACA requirements as a part of our standard capabilities. If your current solution does not ease your anxiety over all the PPACA requirements, we can help. Please let me know when you’re available for a quick conversation so we can create a custom demo for you that will address your specific health care reform needs and challenges. Just reply to this email with an ideal date and time.


For more information about Ascentis HR and Ascentis Self-Service request a free, no obligation quote.


You can click here to read more about our human resources, payroll, recruiting, time and attendance, self-service and benefits management software solutions, or download any of our health care reform bulletins.

10 Things to Consider Before International Expansion

On June 6, High Street Partners joined us for a webinar titled, “Best Practices for Navigating International Employment.” In it, senior director Eric Lodge offered tips to companies looking to expand overseas. In fact, in one of his first slides, Eric outlined some of the top challenges and risks for any company in the overseas growth, including the availability of capital, the management of financial risks, geopolitical issues, even compliance with foreign laws.


Later in the presentation, Eric presented his 10 best practices for companies looking to expand overseas. Here’s his list:



You can watch the full recording of the webinar HERE. If you’re interested in seeing more FREE webinars hosted by Ascentis this year, visit the 2013 Ascentis Webinar Directory.



Generational Diplomacy : Appreciating & Utilizing Our Differences

Ever wonder what the major differences between generations in the workplace are? Having trouble communicating to someone younger or older than you? Not sure what to expect from the diverse group of employees in your company?


Check out this chart, made by Judi Clements from her May 21st webinar, “Generational Diplomacy : Appreciating & Utilizing Our Differences.” It might give you a few pointers on what to look for!


Check out the 2013 Ascentis Webinar Directory to watch webinars from 2013 all over again, download the slides from the presentations, and sign up for future webinars!


Make it a great day,


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Health Care Reform: Are You “Ready to Pay or Play?”


Even though most employers won’t face the “pay or play” decision until early next year, if there is any doubt in your mind that you are a “large employer” of 50 employees or more, the record-keeping you need to be doing is right now!


Additionally, the absolute “drop-dead” date for starting to track hours to construct a look-back period for variable schedule hourly employees, under most circumstances, is July 1, 2013 – fast approaching!  We need to be doing this for two reasons:  (a.) to calculate FTEs if you have any doubt as to whether you’ll reach large employer status during 2013, and (b.) assuming that you determine that you ARE a large employer (of 50 employees or more), to determine for each variable hour employee whether you’ll be required to offer them health insurance beginning in 2014.


Decision Tree Summary: Will You Pay a Penalty in 2014?


Ascentis can help!  Ascentis’ May 2013 Health Care Reform Master Class is dedicated to the reporting “building blocks” you need to understand to make the best “pay or play” decision for your organization.  Included within the session will be such topics as:


  • Determining large employer status
  • Estimating penalties that might apply to your company
  • Variable hour employees:  what to count, what to exclude, and when to do it
  • How to treat leaves of absence and other breaks in service
  • Special rules for special industries



Click here to view the on-demand class, or here to download the one-page health care reform bulletin on “hours counting and eligibility.”